Then, practice with two listening activities about the human body and interactive quizzes. While students sing our songs, they are actually speaking real Spanish used in daily live conversations and they are, without realizing, repeating meaningful vocabulary and grammar structures. With our Hangman game for "Parts of the body" you will be learning the Spanish vocabulary for the topic Parts of the body.The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 Words for naming parts of your body. Download, print and color the Lyrics! Song, in Spanish and English, copied 2 per page for student handouts 2. Here are the Spanish words for common body parts: Arm — el brazo Back — la espalda Backbone — la columna vertebral Brain — el cerebro, el seso Breast, chest — el pecho Buttocks — las nalgas Calf — la pantorrilla Ear — el oído, la oreja Elbow — … worksheet. worksheet. Knowing all the body parts in Spanish is useful, but to really get the most out of these vocab words, you should know at least a few phrases to use them with. Winter (Timbo and friends) Worksheet. I got an itchy, Select "Hangman" from the Spanish games page. Body parts loto/bingo cards. I got an itchy itchy itchy on my Winter Clothes. Below are some of the most common Spanish phrases used to discuss parts of the body. short-stories.