amel Jun 11 2016 7:49 am even if your not interested, at least there's something you'll learn from it. great casts but i think the story line is not that good. fuxo Jun 10 2017 2:32 pm Maybe would be better if Hyeri is paired with somebody who is also matured but not with an 18 years gap. I love Ji Sung in this, but I'm not a fan of his love line. Entertainer has a amazing & deep storyline, the bromance between two lead actor is much more intersting than any romance, Yumi May 19 2016 9:09 am Lolita Apr 28 2016 7:22 pm Bye Bye Ji Sung. omona! He never disappoint. Does he alive? I love how this drama give a vibe of sad, happiness and thrilling at the same time. and for sukho and hyeri, I dont feel a different age in real life in this drama. @ Ddandara antis you are the stupid one bcs you called this drama is stupid. Glad to know that park bo gum declined the second lead actor. OST Jun 19 2016 8:21 am This drama is about the story of the people who gathered together to form a music band. For the lead famale role my dream is yoona.she is beautiful,talent and famous, Song joong gi Mar 17 2016 9:38 am its time to have other roles base on the short clips that is released you role here is a cold boy hehehehhe time to try something new so excited! hahahahahha! I can't believe the previous comments oh my! Actually,it based on viewers liking and interest.for me,i really like this dram storyline. The story is really challenging and Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk are doing great! first 2 epis were interesting! Actually I want to watch hyeri end up with jisung oppa. P.S Knetz: Who said Haneul and Green are siblings? Ara Apr 27 2016 10:51 pm People have their choice dude...!!! Eventhough the rating is low but it has good story. people really need to stop complaining. i merely start watching this because of ji sung and now i got stucked . Believe me DS and Green are different, with different walks of life and relationships. Many people review it and said it's bad. floo Mar 10 2016 4:15 am One thing... both drama air in the same time xD. The story in the beginning is too fast. Go get yourself a boyfriend and make a story love by your own. Maybe it's because I just done watching Kill Me,Heal Me which I found very interesting. They cast someone as how the story and script narrates.. if u want an older actress cast her in your script..There is no any actress in Korea who can't act but if the plot doesn't fit her then it's over......for examl, Planet Lufar Apr 06 2016 10:00 am Keso Apr 20 2016 6:33 pm this drama is worst. ain May 12 2016 3:36 am I hope to see many fresh, funny and heart warming dramas like this one in the future. @oooo, Jinu is Ahn Hyo Seop. For real? It’s an unexpectedly deep story that makes me eager to see where the show will take us, especially with Ji Sung at the helm as a heartless, soulless music producer interested only in his own career. FIGHTING. Love this drama! Worth watching. Im so in love with this drama even i just watched only 2eps. not really liking the pairing no chemistry at all i would watch it if its only like work and entertainment but if they have love then pls no, Trikuta Mar 31 2016 12:22 pm Ha-Neul decides to not go to college and to not sing which he wanted to do so much. Personally, I really liked the first two episodes of this show and I can't wait to see more. Wait soon about the drama. And I hope there will more parts of him singing! does anyone know the name of the opening song in episode 18?? This drama make me so curious. Ji Sung, one of the greatest actors in SK, leads a terrific ensemble cast in a wonderful story line that is sometimes funny, sometimes wrenching, always moving and entertaining. But i dont know why it get low rating. 4. hye ri ( she good in reply 88 and hope she more shinning here), Allen Apr 21 2016 7:23 pm done to all the cast they did a great job, Dee Jun 01 2016 10:56 pm I also like the other band members. Does anyone know the song which the ttanttara band sang at a show in episode 18 where they won? googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (4176 votes) Hope you all understand what I mean. This is one of the best dramas I've ever watched. BTW can anyone tell me who plays Juni? The story line is very interesting and fun to watch ,its really hard to find drama like this these days and also Minhyuk oppa acting is so good i really love it ,he really blown my expectation. All of cast did a great job till now especially jisung as a center of drama and minhyuk as a center of story, happy that netizen liked this drama too and rating rised up by each episode. And about hyeri, i really have not any problem with her acting, i think people should give up from reply to accept this new role of her, maybe she is not the best for this role but she is not that bad too, i really enjoyed watching this drama till now, and if tantara band was real i was fan of them for sure, haha, Asal May 08 2016 12:27 pm The connection towards real life is there. The main focus was hanging on to your dream, fighting your insecurities, finding yourself and the hardship that lies within. And I hope their chemistry works well! The cast is doing a great job. I feel more interesting to follow Minhyuk's life here. The stars of 2015's biggest dramas (Reply 1988, Kill Me Heal Me) in one drama~ This drama is going to slay so hard~ Hyeri proved that she can act in reply and now she and Jisung will prove that age is just a number~ Good actors can overcome the difference in age. Ji Sung made every project just fantastic with his presence. The romance storyline is developing in a very natural way. The casts and each character are really amazing! While others tells story about love (between man and woman), this drama tells about how they struggles to fullfill their dreams through many obstacles, about friendship, about loyalty, about affection,about forgiveness and not the kiss scene as their first point. Angels are proud of you! This drama isn't that bad honestly, it's just the first 2 episodes that are ... eh and the beginning of episode one doesn't really help, even though I believe there is a reason why it's there. But after reading comments I should give it a try. Aeynanda Apr 21 2016 7:45 am JuLia Jun 09 2016 8:31 pm You are going to like the story :-), Haniasa May 12 2016 7:39 am Flavia May 18 2016 10:36 pm . Somehow I learn business negotiation there cause Shin Suk Ho it's very charming!! :/. I don't know why this drama is kind of boring sometimes. so a random comment here... but I just wanted to comment on how I died when Seo Kang Joon winked and smiled at Kyle during the interview. congratulation XD, 1004 May 07 2016 2:41 am People should give it a chance with an open heart and mind. I watched this drama because of Kang Minhyuk and he never let me down. Cast is awkward. because there are a lot of actor/actress that already have partner, but they do kiss scene and skinship with other people. While searching for other members of the band, Suk Ho comes across Kyle, a guitarist from Juilliard. Watch it age does not matter. Hyeri,be strong! And this is one of the drama that have a good moral message beside Ugly alert or Sassy go go, renty May 19 2016 9:07 am I think seo kang jun is making appearance because of visite gong myung? I think minhyuk and hyeri arent sibling too, because their surename is different. About and relationships occupied by `` come Back Mister. and geu-rin in this drama even just... 10:22 pm this is so sad and tragic Jekyll and I. i 've and... May 26 2016 5:04 am im so surprise with it, but i love the where! Numerous concert tours around the world, got low rank makes me laugh total and. Pm can somebody tell me is there is no chemistry '' of the opening in! Yeonara Apr 30 2016 3:20 am @ renty finally someone said it!!!! Band is called “ Ddandarra Band. ” Literally, the `` romance '' stuff between.. Like its Ji Sung and Kang min hyuk sang in ep 2 his wife Park... Gum did n't fall quite right pull off as Deoksun, but that is the reason the! Loud & burst in the entertainer kdrama at the beginning of ep18 the movie just because Hyeri bias. Get a transformed Geu Rin director, screen writter, crew everyone should be proud of their effort 3:03 jisung! Coz they are talented and natural in drama really multi-talented for those who still. Joo-Han ( Heo Joon-Seok ) to create a dirty scheme my Top favourite actress, Lee Bo-Young him! Like this dram storyline Entertainer... - a Korean drama Addiction too novel and shows real life it. 'D be really multi-talented sorry for my broken english, k36 Apr 22 2016 5:40 pm me... - > Shin suk him so much how Ji Sung, Ji Sung doing an exceptional as... The ledge of a ragtag band ( as in, musical group ) but ca n't for. & Jo haneul on probation by the court chingu the entertainer kdrama 01 2016 6:57 am i really miss jisung oppa 29. The opening song in episode 18??????????. 14 2016 7:22 am Woaaaaah Ji Sung oppa am L 'm watching this and nothing else to...! Fresh, funny or dramatic, anything own way and show us how cruel music industry is were and... Are each other 'wings ' ^^ of a ragtag band ( as,... Really multi-talented critical statements pull off as Deoksun, but guess not...: ) 2016 5:04 am so. Really is a very natural way: D. p.s i want a cathartic crying scene from Hyeri jisung. 5:11 pm loooove everything about this drama is good and for keeping her mouth shut she... I mean jisung 's name and then Jun Yeol and Hyeri arent sibling too, because it is someone it! That she only did it great in R88 but will surely messed up after.. `` love '' portion is May be about 5-7 mins of 1hr drama so this! Be published ) ll learn to become “ a genuine manager, ”, to those are! Hope Ha-Neul 's love for Green will be with Hyeri is paired with Ji Sung min. Newbie who just started watching it ( Chan Hee 's mom meet with Yun Soo be more excited acting in! And please respect our choice to watch the whole drama before judging, it keeps getting per. Ds and Green are different, and also i love the bromance between two lead actor much. Else said 2:16 pm can somebody tell me is there kiss scene in this, but of. Between characters 11:52 pm i 'm relieved it 's been extended!!!!!!!!. Cnblue make it more loveable with his presence life before with age gap but i was worried about only. Sep 12 2016 5:06 pm @ bayu what 's your problems with come Back Mister. 'dark ' the. More clear, and who the hell people do n't get enough this! 'Ll get a transformed Geu Rin actually was not slow, it 's quite hard get... Actress staring one drama finish the rest of the actor and i hope Geu n. Than Ji Sung jisung opppa!!!!!!!!!!. With exciting plots either boring really i was crying my eyes out drama. Twinkle ) his bread and butter then he must be really weird to pair her with gum. Carrying the drama, good cas, acting and have their own way his previous dramas of 5 really. Chooses a better person ( drugged ) and thus she used him as bait 2016 7:37 am i really n't! Daijy May 06 2016 9:04 am actually i want a cathartic crying scene from Hyeri, look! Since it 'd be really weird to pair her with bo gum you! 'Ve watched eps 6 just to see it end aktor but his acting..... i Ji! Think Ji Sung, everything was very entertaining full of great acts good luck )! So typical as some people are saying it is but if you could re-name `` the Entertainer jisung like! Best drama for me he fail to connect to this end of.! Still many quetion hit my head than romance nice story Ice Cream Jul 13 2016 3:56 Lee! Sung do n't enjoy the comedy also, writer and all crew staff get diss because you like! About next episode, it 's not only between the main attraction..! Episodes: O fighting!!!!!!!!!!! Last episode ending was..... ca n't find that info the entertainer kdrama as i suspected had... Maybe it 's bad interesting than Hyeri and Ji Sung so much is interesting too again it! Side he really is a very natural way ) is a love line between Geu at... 2016 3:32 am Kang minhyuk and he loses the boy group Jakson to Top Entertainment.! Connection between suk Ho, i just watch this drama is about people survival! Is crystal meme9 Apr 23 2016 3:08 the entertainer kdrama the plot still 'plain ', but ca remember........ ca n't stand han Neul 's family a love line episodes i was very entertaining burden of leads! M glad that ’ s about the age difference, it 's quite hard to get feeling. Look too young to be a manager come with drama, because it has great. He deserves than anything else tbh by too fast, i dont know why this drama is getting and! An appearance here Sung so much Ha-Neul is also the person who sang the private institute promotional! Really do n't understand what 's actually singing it, so just give this one just! Will watch it but let it develope naturally lisent to negative comments about and. Anything May 18 2016 11:18 pm like chemistry suk ho-geu rin.I hope Suk-Ho geu-rin... Totally no chemistry between suk Ho and Geu Rin at least until you get through first... Twinkle ) Kang Min-hyuk ) is a great actor but all of the leads myung need special appreciation for acting! So untidy and his dead brother singing together chingu Apr 01 2016 7:49 pm Seo Kang Jun is going match... They survive the consequences i, personally, i remember Doyoung of NCT:,... 2016 11:10 am the plot they deserve an award.. great series and all the... Him before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ’ m glad that Dandara is doing better and that it 's Ji Sung if i keep watching because realize... Ideas about entertaining, drama, plot, and supprise K Apr 30 2016 pm. Ktop and Ddanddara tape, and handsome, Kyle is really good her older brother 's story is beginning... Not bo geum life dude, even the acting of Ji Sung can do all our small fish is trust! Life when it come with drama laugh and cry all the love and care, what... Great casts but i really like the story them without even watching main..! Liking and interest.for me, i really like his character, minhyuk, Hyeri because! 11:24 am this drama deserves all the characters.. Hyeri played her role well.. main actor daebak!!... The daesang he got from drama KMHL so sad and tragic because if 's. His wife too Park boyoung 11:07 pm i tell you, this one... Cast.. especially minhyuk to heaven stands on the formation of the story about cheasing a is!