We would also highly recommend having your hotel or a driver meet you at the airport. Would it be possible to receive a visa once you get in through the border? Yeah I always tell people bring EXACT USD. Visa on arraival or fro the embassy US cuurency or can with Euro cause i live in Europe. Hi, I am from Bhutan and presently working in Israel. Any chance you’re getting out of the airport for a little bit? Travelers from select countries that are traveling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba resorts and not leaving them, can get a free permission stamp for up to 14 days. The electronic visa to Egypt makes you confident to travel to Egypt, and through us your trip will be … However, this process can lead to longer wait times on arrival … Ultimately, the decision regarding entry is entirely up to the Egyptian authorities and a visa may be denied depending on a number of factors. Sorry you didn’t read our article before so you wouldn’t have to go this hassle. I am a us citizen going to Egypt with us passport valid for 3 months and I have the on arrival visa. Visa on Arrival International Entry Points Cairo International Airport, Cairo Hurghada International Airport, Hurghada St Catherine International Airport, St Catherina Borg El Arab International Airport, Alexandria … Since we do not have a middle eastern embassy in my county. The Le Meridien Pyramids recommendation is also good; I stayed there because I am SPG Platinum and got an excellent suite upgrade with Pyramids view which made it better than any view-less room at the Four Seasons in Cairo. You could also get an Egypt Visa prior to traveling to Egypt online. Email: support@e-visa-gov.com +1 607 203 8384 Hotline: APPLY FOR A eVisa NOW. To travel to Egypt you need a visa that can be obtained at the Cairo or Alexandria airport upon your arrival. The visa process for the other countries you listed is just as difficult if not more so depending on your citizenship. No credit or Egypt currency accepted. 1. Soukran. iVisa arranges Egypt e-visas for a small fee, usually $30. It is always best to check both your countries official website and Egypt’s official website to be certain. We suggest checking with your local embassy as visa rules can change daily and are different for every nationality. Since its implementation, most visitors prefer to apply for an Egyptian visa online before traveling. This applies to all travellers from the UK headed for Egypt. Or they need to apply in the Egyptian embassy for it before coming ? Here you will give them $25 USD and they will give you a visa on arrival sticker. There are currently 46 countries whose citizens can apply for a visa on arrival for Egypt: As long as the traveler holds a valid passport issued by one of the countries listed above and complies with the visa conditions, they will be able to apply for a visa upon arrival in Egypt. Apply for an Egypt visa. If you are planning to travel to Egypt on a holiday in 2021 or 2022 you must possess an Egypt visa. Hello team . Please reach out to iVisa they can help with all your visa questions and needs. Can you still obtain a visa on Arrival with an american passport in January 2018? We advise you to check with your local government websites to confirm the visa rules for your nationality. If you already have an account register a second account for your travel partner to get $40 off your next trip. Yeah I didn’t think so, someone just emailed and asked if they took CC and I said I have never seen any airport immigration take CC. Vivek, did you get visa on arrival. There is no provision for e-visa or visa on arrival for Indians as of now. Depending on the point of entry, there may be currency exchange desks available. Please do not email us/comment below asking how to get a visa, instead just click here. It’s a visa on arrival so you will get it on the spot. Glad we could help. Nationalities That Can Get Visa on Arrival in Egypt They can still pay for and receive a visa upon arrival. Things To Know Before Applying For An Egypt Visa Egypt’s e-Visa’s are valid for 90 days after they are issued. I live in Egypt (Sharm) and the entry visa you can pay for in USD, Euros or Sterling, it’s not just dollars, never has been. When planning out your time in Cairo don’t try and do too much in one day. Thanks for the update! Safe travels. When you land at the airport, go … We really wanted to visit Egypt. Note, Egyptian national residing here inform me its that way . Get your visa stamped into your passport on arrival. The traffic in Cairo is terrible and you could easily miss something if you didn’t allow enough time between tours. It’s best to have exact change, it will only make things easier. Thanks much . Worth maxing out the Visa. We are flying in 2 days…How Long does the eVisa approval takes? BUT if you want to have your Egyptian visa in hand before you travel click here for iVisa who arranges Egypt visas for a service fee of $30 USD for passport holders from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. I travelled to Cairo on December 2016 and I got visa on arrival hassle free, only have with you exact cash ($25). Get confirmation and make payment. Israel typically won’t stamp your passport when you enter. Nationals from one of the eligible Egypt visa on arrival countries will also be able to apply for an electronic visa. The Egyptian consulates make no mention at all of any process of obtaining a VISA at the airport. Thanks for the info. I want to go to egypt I’m from colombia I would like to know about the visa. We always advise people to have a few extras. It takes you 5-10 minutes to get visa stamped on your passport by Egypt Immigration Officers on arrival. Before traveling we always advise checking with the Egyptian Embassy to see the latest Egypt visa rules so that you don’t run into any surprises when trying to get an Egypt visa on arrival. How much is the fees. Yeah, there isn’t much information online about visas in Egypt. Dinner Cruise on the Nile with Belly Dancing Show from Cairo. Can you pay for the Egypt visa on arrival with a credit card? Instead, you have to arrange your Egypt E-Visa in advance before traveling to Egypt. Egypt Visa Requirements for all nationalities: Various visitors or travelers to Egypt can obtain a visa from any port of entry, as all foreigners traveling to Egypt must have a valid passport (at least six months before expiration) to obtain their visa. –>> sign up here! They 100% do NOT accept credit card. I have Bhutan passport and I want to visit Egypt for 04 days. You will not be able to travel to mainland Egypt and other parts of the Sinai. We both work as cabin crew in UAE airline Do we get visa on arrival at cairo airport. Thank you for replying. I even called the Egyptian embassy in Washington DC and they explicitly stated that you have to get a VISA in advance. Hi, I’m holding a Canadian Passport, Travelling to Cairo next week, will i get the on-arrival visa at Cairo Airport. Submit your application. In addition, applicants will need a current email address to receive updates about their visa application status. Find best countries to travel on visa on arrival. We traveled to Egypt in March 2016. Egypt Visa On Arrival At The Airport In all of Egypt’s international airports including Cairo, tourist visas (visa stickers) are sold 24 hours a day at bank kiosks in every arrivals terminal. Can I obtain my visa at the airport. Does anyone know if I can get 3 months tourist visa on arrival into Cairo? This will get a trip to Egypt off on the right foot. Next time we travel to Egypt we plan on having our visas arranged with iVisa in advance. Indonesian . I´m from Costa Rica, I want to know if I could obtain an Egypt visa on arrival at the Cairo International airport at the bank kiosks before the immigration counters. Thanks in advance. I don’t know for sure if they do or don’t take credit card but we personally don’t think they do. If you go through iVisa they will make sure to submit your... 30 days is the … Thanks. Every traveler who wants to enter Egypt must have a visa, the only exception being visa-exempt nationalities who are eligible for an Egypt visa on arrival.However, the requirements imposed by the Government of Egypt are pretty much the same for everyone. I am an Indian national having UAE resident visa . Home. However, it is still possible to obtain an Egyptian Visa on Arrival. Additionally, those staying in the country longer than three months will need to complete a relatively straightforward residence procedur… We were getting on a Viking River cruise trip and they wanted us to use their visa service to get our Egypt visas but it was way more money. VOA works pretty well at CAI and, yes, exact change is recommended (I only had $100). For those who want to obtain a visa on arrival, you will need to go to the arrival window before getting in the line for visa issuing. It’s best to have exact change, it will only make things easier. Rules change frequently. I am from India currently working in Saudi Arabia, how to get Egypt visa. We would suggest bringing exact change in USD. Please advise whether Vietnamese can apply for Egypt visa on arrival, I want to go there in this December. Place the sticker on a blank page in your passport and get in the immigration queue. I’ve used Pound Sterling yesterday and Euro last year. We had money in our checked bags but of course immigration is before baggage so we could not get it. It is necessary to queue, fill out the form, and purchase the visa sticker to present, … As Americans we were able to get our Egypt Visa on arrival right at the airport, we didn’t have to go the embassy. In fact, visitors from Canada can apply for an Egypt visa online, which allows them easy entry to the country upon actual arrival. Safe travels. I am Malaysian. I am from Surinam. Please note we did not personally experience crossing the border into Egypt and obtaining a visa on arrival. Congratulations, I found it. Just back back from Egypt last week. Finally after 4 immigration officers and 1 hour later…they told us we can get a visa on EXIT. We traveled to Egypt March 2016 and obtained our visa at the Cairo airport. You’ll need to apply online in advance. Thats Sad. Really it is confused. Getting the visa at the airport was really easy but make sure to check with the state department website before the trip as the rules change all the time. Just make sure to have $25 USD to purchase an Egypt visa on arrival. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. We are now in Europe. It’s best to check with a visa agency or the embassy right before your trip to make sure the Egypt visa rules didn’t change. Bring exact US cash to make things quicker. You should also bring your … Shukran (thank you) for posting that we can get visa at airport. The e-Visa will also be attached to your passport electronically, so when your passport is scanned at immigration. They will be open when your flight lands if flights are landing they are always open. I want to go to egypt I’m from colombia I would like to know about the visa. Love your blog!! There are pro’s and con’s for both getting a visa for Egypt beforehand and on arrival: Visa on Arrival: Pros: Allows you flexibility and not have to apply before hand. But a quick search revealed to me that Egypt Air discontinued VOA and that Indians should have visa before traveling to Egypt. Cash is the only payment that the Egyptian authorities will accept. The tourism agency is however confident that VOA will be provided and that they will pay for the same. This article is about Egypt visa on arrival. We spent 4 nights in Cairo on our trip to Egypt, here are some hotels in Cairo we’d recommend: There are over 200 Airbnb listings in Cairo with luxury condos only costing a fraction of a hotel. Most places that require a passport photo can sell you one there, but of course, the price is much more than if you were to have one taken elsewhere. The permission stamp is only available at any international Sinai entry point: Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba. Find out the rest of our story here... Israel (only through Taba Border Crossing). Also, if I bring euros (since people here have mentioned it as an alternative to US dollars, how much should it be in exact change? In addition to “tourist” visas, there are two other types of visa, an “Entry visa” and a “Transit visa”. Do you know the hours of the bank kiosks for getting a visa? We have used travel insurance with World Nomads. If you ask us, this is super cheap and you won’t have to worry about having exact change or USD on you. If you remain in Egypt beyond the one-month duration of your tourist visa, you are allowed to be present for 14 additional days without incurring a fine. But make sure you have euros or US dollars to pay the fee. We are arriving on Feb 7 at 4:50 a.m. at Cairo airport and catching a 6:30 a.m. flight to Luxor. Hi travellers,Are you going to Egypt soon? because i plan on visiting jordan in the middle of my trip then back to egypt. Let me know if you find out other. They will be open when your flight lands, if flights are landing they are always open. Egypt Visa on arrival vs. Egypt Visa before you travel. The sites you listed do not look like an official website and I would not count on them for accurate information. Please always double check the current Egpyt visa rules as they are different for every nationality. Better to go to Turkey or Tunisia or Israel. Hope everything works out and you have a great trip! If is posssible to buy on arrival. Once they land, foreign nationals need to find and queue at the relevant visa desk at the airport before heading to the immigration office. Which typically covers medical, trip cancellation, your belongings from theft or damage, baggage,  car rental coverage, and more. Do you want to reschedule your trip to Egypt because of the coronavirus? 2. Egypt Visa online apply,Egypt evisa gov,Egypt visa on arrival for Norwegians,Egypt visa for Britishs citizens,Egypt visa on arrival,Egypt visa for Australian citizens,transit visa Egypt,Egypt evisa for Canadians. For a service fee of only $30 USD, iVisa will do all the paperwork for you. An email will be sent to you containing a PDF of your visa. A russian friend of mine was asking about Do russian still can have visa on arrivel ? An Egypt visa is required for most travelers including American and British passport holders. Whenever you show up to a country expecting a visa on arrival you are running the risk that you could be denied it. S the first two times I went I wad able to get my visa in the Cairo airport, the third time I had to get my visa before I left the U.S. ,im really excited that i can get it in the airport again as it is much cheaper and ill be bring my kids with me this summer for the vacation of their lives, they are so excited to see all the sites and the family in Egypt. If you are staying at the resorts Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba for up to 15 days, a "free entry permission stamp" will be provided upon arrival. I will visit Egypt next month but till now iam not sure from all of that. Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Tour from Cairo Airport during a layover. To complicate matters there are rumors that the $25 VISA at the airport process is (or already had) going away. Safe Travels and enjoy Egypt! For your Egypt visa you will need $25 US cash. will i have to pay twice? If is posssible to buy on arrival. It is best to check the official government websites for both your country and of Egypt to get accurate information. They arrange visas for all other nationalities, prices may vary. I called the embassy and they said can on arraival but they said only for 25€ but i heared it is now for €60 plus i have to have US currency onlye!! If travelers do not obtain a visa prior to arrival, they may either apply for a no-fee, 14-day visa that is only valid for travel within the Sinai Peninsula, or they may obtain a 30-day tourist visa valid … It’s often referred to as the “Sinai Only Visa.” The 14-day permission stamp only allows travel only on the Sinai’s Gulf of Aqaba coast which includes: Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab, and Sharm el-Sheikh. Or do you know how I can find this out? If you have a reason to exceed your stay in Egypt than you have to go to the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Egypt to get the acceptance. If you ask us, this is super cheap and you won’t have to worry about having exact change or USD on you. That is why the passport used to enter Egypt must include at least 2 blank pages — as well as being valid for at least 6 months. Regards Hamad Fathy. Get valid travel insurance that covers COVID-19. Can I get a Visa on arrival? These countries include Lebanon, Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia. Officers from the Egyptian border force will grant the visa and apply a visa sticker to a blank page in the traveler’s passport. In that case, they will also need to provide passport-size photographs. I have never been to an airport immigration that takes credit card so I wouldn’t ever plan on using it. Private Full-Day Tour Visiting Giza Pyramids, Transfers & lunch. Hey there I’m Canadian heading to egypt this week last minute . I can’t seem to find accurate information . The e-visa for Egypt has a date of issuing and an expiry date. Thanks for letting us know. Yes the visa window is open 24/7. We had been in Zanzibar ( Tanzania) last September and the Visa on arrival is payed only with Credit Card ( 50 US$ ) . Trust me .. US and euro only I was told. Def always check with the embassy to confirm the current visa rules in Egypt. That’s it. Please check the website and see what the Egypt visa rules are for Indian passport holders. It’s best to check the Egyptian and Colombian government websites before traveling. Thank you for a very helpful page. Where are you from that you need to visit the Egyptian Embassy? That’s it, get your stamp, collect your luggage, and head off exploring Egypt! Glad we could help! Please confirm if tourist visa can be obtained at airport for a citizen of Trinidad &Tobago WI.. Is there an airport inside the hotel where I can stay? I believe Albania is allowed. A mileage run to Cairo? We have been contacted by many readers time and time again who have tried to get an Egypt visa on arrival and didn’t have USD cash and they all have said no other currency allowed. See: http://egypt.embassy-online.net/Egypt-Consulate-General-Houston.php http://www.egyconsulatela.com/en/visas/. We do not have a visa and we are heading for it in 7 days. It is required to print the e-Visa to present at the port of entry in Egypt for border officials to confirm. Nobody wants to plan an international trip only to be denied boarding/entry. In this video I show arriving into Cairo International airport and buying a tourist visa.It is very easy. is the Visa on arrival single or multiple entry? I am wondering if visa upon arrival window is open 24/7 or not. The Process of Getting a Visa on Arrival in Egypt. For example, a business professional; a student, or a person studying the ancient ruins would require an entry visa. My husband and I just landed in Cairo yesterday from Canada, and I wish someone had posted the following in big red letters because somehow we missed it: YOU MUST HAVE USD CASH FOR VISA ON ARRIVAL!!!! Before the introduction of the new electronic visa, the Egypt tourist visa on arrival was an easy way to obtain a visa to enter Egypt. Travelers can obtain an Egypt tourist visa on arrival at immigration kiosks at any of the airport terminals. No info at all. Hope this helps future travelers. Procedures for service delivery: They can obtain a visa from Egyptians consulates abroad and can be granted an entry visa from the ports of arrival, except where they must obtain an entry visa … DO NOT plan on using your credit card you CANNOT pay by credit card or with any other currency than USD. So now when we leave Cairo in 3 weeks we need to pay US 50 for both of us to leave the country. I am a greek passport holder so I know I can take visa upon arrival. The Egyptian visa on arrival has been available to eligible tourists for years and has not been discontinued. For what it’s worth, Doha accepts credit cards for visa on arrival . I’m American and traveling there in a few weeks. Good luck & safe travels! The visa on arrival allows visitors to spend up to 30 days in Egypt and only allows one entry into the country. There, you … soy de Panamá y quisiera saber si puedo aplicar a la visa llegando a Egipto ya que en mi país no hay embajada de Egipto. They look like they are trying to profit from giving people misinformation. Last time we were through here it was a very quick process and the airport security in Egypt is less intense and shouldn’t be a problem to make this. Kosovars require a visa, as do Bosnians and Montenegrins (who need a lot of visas, surprisingly). So I can not to the Egyptian embassy in South America. When landing at the airport in Egypt go to the visa on arrival window BEFORE getting in the queue for immigration. However, exchange rates are likely to be unfavorable and the desk may not be open at the time of arrival. Before traveling inquire about the current border crossing and confirm you can obtain a visa on arrival before traveling. We have heard from many locals that it isn’t advised and borders can close down at any moment.