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By raising your sights, borders will disappear.

As an inspiring person Benjamin brings project teams together,
striving to achieve the best possible outcome. Besides that, he is
also our technical discoverer who would not miss any of the new
technical developments. He regularly attends the major professional
conventions worldwide to give talks and exchange knowledge.

He finds solutions where others see only problems.


To me Motion means to be in motion, to take a look from different
perspectives and to face the changes that happen everyday with
open eyes and an open heart.

Siri is a real adventurer. Nothing can stop her from pursuing her
passions. As an all-rounder, she is involved in every project from
the very beginning. Her suggestions regarding the exposé are just
as crucial as those on the editing process. Far from being restricted
to just one field, Siri is an expert in the implementation of text and images.


Most of the time a story has a beginning and an ending. However,
it always has an author who created the story in the first place.
Therefore, every story is essentially unique.

A film story told well does not only make us curious, but it touches
the viewer directly through its relevance and content. This can only
be achieved by a great narrator, such as Patricia.

Like a magician she picks out the most essential aspects from any
given key points and creates a coherent story. She is our heart and our mind.